Trimwork gives the Interior of a house a distinctive visual texture even though other decorative elements like floors, wall coverings, drapery and furniture are far more conspicuous.

Trimwork or in some cases the lack or it defines the style of a house. Even in a house where movable furnishings set the tone the Trimwork creates the starting point from which a style or look emerges. From the outside, two houses might be Identical, but once the trim Is done the interiors could encompass any style from formal panelled rooms to a reproduction of a turn-of-the-century Arts and Crafts parlor. The stylistic opportunities are vast.

The most challenging task by far is deciding upon a trim style and selecting the moldings that will express it.

This will usually be done by the client and the architect (If one is Involved) by the trim carpenter and the client or by the trim carpenter alone. Were the house perfect in all regards, Installing trim would be an addition to any house looking for a more luxurious look.


Traditional trim style for windows and doors may look like it requires old-school carpentry skills, but the truth is, it’s easier to install than contemporary trim.