The classic style of kitchen comes from a time when practicality was paramount. With the rise in retro styling , there is a move back to this style of design.

Classical kitchens are designed for a family home. They feature safe, traditional colours and materials. Neutral colours are safest,as opposed to bright or dark colours that may date. If you want some colour you can introduce this with artwork, wall colours or even kitchen accessories.

As a family kitchen it will be used a lot and by many different people simultaneously. Think about who will be doing what and when. Having a second sink in an island creates a new work zone for hungry kids coming home from school, or a drinks servery for a party. Keep it away from the main sink and food prep area so the chef is not interrupted. Position the fridge near the entrance to the kitchen so that fridge raiders don’t interrupt the work flow.


Since it will have multitude of users and uses, practical design is more important than aesthetic in this kitchen type,so,the focus of our design team is geared more towards overall layout than the final look. After all,these kitchens are there to be used.


This is a kitchen of great substance and character. The rustic look adds and unmistakable country charm reminiscent of earlier times and closer ties to the natural world. It conjures up heartfelt childhood memories of a room where family life was really lived.