Contemporary encompasses styles from the 1940s to the present, with Europe—especially Italy, Germany and Scandinavia—leading the way.

Contemporary kitchens tend to be described as modern, minimalist and geometric. The characteristics include horizontal lines, asymmetry and a lack of molding and other ornamentation. Materials often are man-made rather than natural: stainless steel, laminate, frosted glass inserts, concrete, linoleum, chrome and lacquer.

We can integrate every modern internal cabinet features such as pull out larders, pull out recycling bins and soft close wire work behind closed doors to keep the design streamlined. All contemporary kitchens can be complimented with a choice of work surfaces which include solid wood, quartz , and granite. View the full range of material and colour choices available.


Our customers can be content in the knowledge that our team are experts in their craft and that every cabinet or drawer we assemble is created with precision and quality. Each and every kitchen is handmade and assembled to perfection. We can also supply accessories that will perfectly match the contemporary design of a kitchen.


Fine Finish knows that a contemporary kitchen is completely different to any other style of kitchen and requires very specialist knowledge, but creating a designer kitchen of the highest quality doesn’t have to be difficult.