Fine Finish specialise in hand crafted, hand painted, bespoke in frame kitchens.

In-frame kitchens are a style of kitchen which is defined by the way the door sits in flush with the surrounding frame. There are different door styles available within the in-frame kitchen design, but the principal idea of having a solid frame wrapped around each door or drawer front remains the same.

If you compare an in-frame kitchen to a non in-frame kitchen you will notice that the doors on a non in-frame kitchen sit directly on the front of the unit. The doors in an in-frame kitchen sit flush into the full solid frame. In frame kitchens tend to be stronger than alternatives but are more expensive for the manufacturer to make which is reflected in the retail price.

In frame Kitchens are a furniture style that suits an open plan area, which are more common in newer homes & extensions. As in- frame kitchens are generally custom made, you have more flexibility on design & style that can be made to compliment your home and are also built to last for a lifetime.


We can offer you the very best in design reflecting your style and personality throughout the house. Our talented craftsmen in our extensive workshop manufacture all our designer furniture.